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Beam Position monitors

IDT have developed a multi-use BPM for undulator beamlines which functions in a white, pink and mono beam. The BPM features a white beam tungsten vane monitor, a white/pink beam doped CVD diamond screen, a mono beam YAG screen and a bypass aperture as part of a single water-cooled assembly.

The BPM head is mounted at 45° to the incident beam, allowing the beam image on the CVD diamond screen / YAG crystal  to be imaged with a high resolution CCD camera mounted perpendicular to the beam.

The BPM head is mounted on a through-vacuum linear translation drive, allowing different modes of operation.

IDT have installed multi-use undulator BPM’s on GSECARS Sector 13 at the APS and on XFM beamline at the Australian Synchrotron.

Beam Position Monitor labelled

IDT have also developed a range of beam position monitors suitable for the wider beam fans of wigger beamlines.

Right: Cooled fluorescent screen on pneumatic actuator. Screen is angled at 45° to beam, allowing beam to be imaged on a CCD camera.

Far Right: Tungsten vane monitor on motorised actuator.

Fluorescent Screen BPM Tungsten Vane BPM