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Imaging & Medical Beamline

at the Australian Synchrotron

The imaging & Medical Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron is a 150m long beamline for high-resolution, phase contrast x-ray imaging of biomedical samples. The beamline source is a superconducting multipole wiggler, with a total power output of >20kW.

IDT designed, manufactured & tested the beam conditioning equipment in the first optics enclosure, including very high heat load slits, filters, fixed mask and beam stops, designed to handle the very high power output of the wiggler. IDT also designed, built, tested and installed a Double Laue Monochromator, designed for stability due to the large mono-to-sample distanced involved.

Very high heat load slits & 5-axis filter system installed on IMBL Double Laue Monochromator Very high heat load slits Power Management Apertures Very High Heat Load Slits & Filters Double Laue Monochromator

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