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Ultra-Low Strain Mirror Mount

IDT have developed an ultra-low strain mirror mount for beamline I08 STXM at Diamond Light Source.

The mirror is kinematically mounted and thermally isolated from the mechanics.

The mirror optic can be cooled via a liquid gallium / copper finger arrangement for vibration-free cooling. The absorbed power load is 100W.

The mechanism features fine piezo-driven mirror pitch control.

The mirror mount is UHV compatible to 5x10-10 mbar.

The mirror vessel is mounted on a 5 degree-of-freedom mount with high lateral stiffness.

Ultra-Low Strain Mirror Mount Residual surface deformation of mounted mirror

Left: Residual surface deformation of mounted mirror.

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The profile of the mirror optic surface in an unmounted and mounted state was measured in the Optics Lab at Diamond Light Source using an interferometer. The profile of the unmounted mirror was then subtracted from that of the mounted state.

The deformation induced by mounting the mirror was found to be only a few nanometres.

Data courtesy of Diamond Light Source.