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Quad Diode* & Fluorescent Screen BPM

The IDT quad diode beam position monitor is designed for use in monochromatic beam, and consists of a motor-driven multi-foil selector, with up to 4 different foils plus a bypass aperture and a fluorescent YAG screen with high resolution CCD camera and optics.

​Downstream of the foil selector are 4 diodes for intensity and beam position measurements from radiation scattered off the foils. The quad diode BPM can be used to provide positional feedback to piezos installed in upstream monochromators and mirrors.

Quad Diode labelled Beam image on Quad Diode YAG Screen

Far Left: Quad diode & secondary source aperture assembly installed on XFM beamline at the Australian Synchrotron.

Left: Focused undulator beam image on YAG crystal viewed using CCD camera.

​* not for sale in the USA

Quad Diode & SSA System insalled on XFM beamline