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Instrument Design Technology Ltd

Newsletter, July 2015

SRI 2015

IDT are attending the forthcoming SRI conference in New York. SRI 2015 will bring together scientists, researchers and engineers from around the world, and highlight the most cutting-edge instrumentation and technology in the field of synchrotron light sources worldwide. We can be found at booth 108 in the trade exhibition on the main conference floor.

54 nrad Measured Beamlime Stability

Air Bearing DCM

The stability of a monochromator is the most important factor in beamline performance. IDT have invested great effort into ensuring our range of monochromators are exceptionally stable, allowing the full potential of beamline performance to be realised.

The stability of the IDT-built GSECARS upgraded beamline at the APS has been measured. The beamline consists of a primary slit system, our air-bearing DCM and a double horizontal mirror system.

The beam position is recorded on a quad-diode BPM located downstream of the mirror system. The beam movements observed at the BPM are the net effect from the source, DCM and double mirror system. A beam deviation of 54 nrad is measured. This demonstrates the excellent stability of the air-bearing DCM and other IDT components on the GSECARS beamline.

See the stability page on our website for more information.

The IDT air bearing rotary stage* is based on an exclusively licensed goniometer from STFC as part of our program of continuous development of cutting-edge monochromators.

* © Copyright Science and Technology Facilities Council 2011. Manufactured by Instrument Design Technology under licence from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Small KB Mirror System

The IDT Small KB Mirror system* is a compact, highly reliable and low cost system for micro-focusing monochromatic x-rays. The mirror system is available in UHV, vacuum & helium variants, with mirror lengths up to 400mm now available. The Small KB Mirror system features:

Small KB Mirror System
  • Highly repeatable sub-μm focused spot size
  • Dynamic mirror figuring with sub-μrad slope error
  • Multiple mirror coatings (silicon, rhodium, platinum)
  • 2 moment elliptical bender with trapezoidal shaped mirrors for near-perfect bending
  • Various motor & control options
  • Low cost of procurement & ownership compared to other micro-focusing systems

See the Small KB Mirror page on our website for more information.

* Developed by IDT with a grant from the UK North West Development Agency.

Experimental Tables

Experiemental Tables

IDT have developed a comprehensive range of experimental table configurations which can be used to provide a stable support to optical components, experimental equipment and diffractometers.

Tables are fully motorised with pitch, roll & yaw, vertical and lateral degrees of freedom, with up to 7.5 tonne load capacity available. Our tables are fully customised and tailored to the specific requirements of each beamline.

See the Experimental Equipment section on our website for more information.