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GSECARS Sector 13 Upgrade

at the Advanced Photon Source

GSECARS has undergone an upgrade to a canted undulator layout. IDT have designed & built all the first optics enclosure components plus other beamline components as part of this upgrade.

The first optics enclosure features a dual primary slit system for both canted beams which are suitable for operation at 200mA ring current, an upgrade to the existing DCM for the canted beam geometry plus a new air-bearing DCM, a double horizontal focusing mirror system as well as beam conditioning components. IDT also provided a Secondary Source Aperture, a family of multi-function Beam Position Monitors, and a Small KB Mirror System.

Canted Undulator Slits Air-Bearing DCM GSECARS First Optics Enclosure layout

Below left: Air-Bearing Double Crystal Monochromator.

Below right: GSECARS first optics enclosure layout.

Right: Canted primary slit design.

Results from Upgraded GSECARS Beamline:


X-Ray Microprobe XRF Imaging

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Air Bearing DCM Canted Undulator DCM Upgrade Canted Undulator Slits Pinhole Aperture Horizontal Mirror System Beam Position Monitors Secondary Source Aperture Small KB Mirror System

Also see our pages on the various components of the Upgraded GSECARS beamline.

GSECARS Beamline Stability Data

54 nrad Measured Beamline Stability

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